Current Litters @ our kennel  
Kazan Kati-Vlci Mak  IPO I, Ahips/elbows  X  Hera von der Sigisliebe IPO II, KKL, A hips/elbows

Puppies born
23th of november
5 males (4 sables & 1 black) 1 female (sable)

Dinoso vom Eisernen Kreuz
IPO III, KKL Ahips/elbows  X  Malika von der Daelenberghütte IPO III, KKL, A hips/elbows

born 16th of december
6 males (4 sables&2 bi-colors) & 4 females (1 bi-color & 3 sables)

litters @ our kennel

Max vom Haus Targa  IPO III, KKL, Ahips/elbows  X  Tipsi von der Eichendorfschule IPO III, KKL, A hips/elbows
Puppies expect around 17th of february

Confirmed pregnant !!!!!


Future planned litters @ our kennel

Feel free to contact us for our future breeding plans, so you might be able to fill in the question-marks

Kailey vom Borbecker Muhlenbach will be bred to..??
Ollily de la Cité Haika
..will be bred to..??
Litonya vom Suhrrehm..... will be bred to ... ??

We will be glad to help you to purchase a pup out of one of the combinations above and if  you are looking for another puppy, please send us your requirements ( such as colour, preferred bloodlines, price, ... ) and we will look for the perfect match.   for more info