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Bob Desmet, Belgium
w Shaka von der Daelenberghütte

Dear Rinus en Gerda,
Shaka is now 14 months old and is doing very fine. She passed her first obedience test from the Sint Hubertus  associoation.  
She's lovely with humans, kids and other dogs. A super character and a healthy very lively beauty so far.
thanks for your quality standards.
Best Regards,

Suzanne Fonck, Belgium
w Kazim von der Daelenberghütte

Onze Kazim van Gaby en Goran *2011 is een uitzonderlijke mooie hond maar het is vooral een waanzinnig lieve brave hond. Loopt niet weg, wel territoriaal als we er niet zijn, kindvriendelijk, je kan hem meenemen naar restaurant , buiten aan grootwarenhuis zonder zeuren, ... een uitzonderlijke hond. Hij is wel indrukwekkend groot en sterk en intelligent. Heeft als puppy nooit binnen gedaan , toen we gingen slapen en hij alleen in zijn bench heeft hij alles bij elkaar 10 min  gejankt. Ik zou graag puppies laten maken, wat een karakter en zo mooi.


Jacky Vrijsen, Belgium
Optikas Matti

Beste Rinus,

Eerst en vooral een gelukkig nieuwjaar en een goede gezondheid. Het gaat heel goed met matti optikas zij begint goed mee te werken met de oefeningen het is een mooie hond en een heel lieve hond, ik ben er heel blij mee . Dank u voor een uitstekende hond.


Randall L. Hoadley, USA
w Kimmo

You have found me another great dog.  Kimmo is very nice, stable nerves and just as strong as the last one.  You have continued to get me strong, healthy and stable dogs year after year. 
Thanks for you dedication to the sport and GSD.
Randall L. Hoadley



Kellie & Desmond Mitchell, USA
w LucasBuck v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hetty)

Great working with Rinus! We love our puppy!He has super bite drive,great ball drive loves to work very athletic and super sound!Plus he is a beauty!!


Dawn Hoadley, USA
w Gerro

After we picked Gerro from the airport we took him to training Where he did some nice bitework.
He barks nicely at the helper in the blind. Today I have done some obedience with him and he responded
well.  I am very happy with this dog and appreciate the work you did to find him and test him and video so I could make a decision.
I think I will have lots of fun with this dog.
Thank you,
          Dawn Hoadley


Brittany Koole, Canada
w Klash v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gucci/Ferra)

Hi Rinus
I hope all is well with you. Every thing is going great with Klash. She is an incredible dog! We did have a set back in training back in July because Klash broke her hind leg jumping up to catch a ball out of the air. We started back with training in October and every thing has been going great!! She walks and runs with no limp and never favours her leg. She has a very high ball drive and would much rather keep the ball for herself. We have been doing alot of ball work with the schutzhund training and she just loves it. We have also done some narcotics training and are currently training her to find coccaine. We have also done protection training. Her drive is unreal. She has a very hard and deep bite. I have attached some pictures of her. I will also be sending some of her doing scent work and protection once I get some good ones of her. Thank you for an outstanding dog! She is exactly what I wanted.
Thanks again



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