Ulysse von der Daelenberghütte (Kody/Litonya) finding his place in the Matheeuws - Charels Family, Belgium

Tyzon von der Daelenberghütte 
(Kody/Neele) , nearly 6 months old, owner Marta Kaczmarek Belgium

Rico von der Daelenberghütte (Dinoso/Malika)...Slowly maturing into his prime, owner Dick Brown , USA

Unchained and in topshape Remiko von der Daelenberghütte (Denver/Kailey)...... owner Jonas van deWeyer, Belgium

Spring picknick at the local lake with Tara von der Daelenberghütte (Kody/Neele) , owner Michéle Mausen & Migel Martens Belgium

Thor von der Daelenberghütte 
(Q-thor/Hera), turned out in a big and good looking boy @ 1 year old  owners Deleener family, Belgium

Black beauty, T-Boa von der Daelenberghütte (Q-thor/Hera), just turned 1 year,  owners Bram & Malu Couwberghs-Koelman, Belgium

Ulavita von der Daelenberghütte (Kody/Litonya), all drives and quality are there already, just need a bit developed and polished in the right direction:-) owner Wouter Synaeve, Belgium

Urbain von der Daelenberghütte (Kody/Litonya), born to be a guard dog and taking his job seriously :-) ...at the business and in the family, owner Gunther Andries, Belgium

Thunder von der Daelenberghütte (Ozzy/Rumba) , started in training with owner Ludo Van den Bosch, Belgium

Ulysse von der Daelenberghütte
(Kody/Litonya), settling in with his new family Matheeuws - Charels, Belgium

Silver von der Daelenberghütte (Lord/Bille), having winterfun in the snow with, owner Nancy Henning, Belgium

Risico von der Daelenberghütte (Denver/Oilily) , deepblack and snowwhite contrast, owner Jenzy De Cock, Belgium

Thessia von der Daelenberghütte (Kody/Oilily) , feeling comfortable in her new home, owner Marleen Patrick, Belgium

Ranger von der Daelenberghütte (Kazan/Hera) , owners Paul & Ellen Taylor, USA

Qelly von der Daelenberghütte (Dinoso/Hera) & Rhage von der Daelenberghütte (Dinoso/Malika) Enjoying the Canadian snow. Owner/handler Janet Hanley, Waterdogs K9, Canada