Thyson von der Daelenberghütte (Kody/Ollily) Enjoying his puppyhood with his sable playmate before traveling overseas. Owner/handler Claudia Barnehl-Koch, Costa - Rica

Tyzon von der Daelenberghütte (Kody/Neele) Enjoying the holidayseason break back home with mama Neele, soon the serious work will start, owner Marta Kaczmarek, Belgium

Tara von der Daelenberghütte (Kody/Neele) Enjoying her new home, owner Michéle Mausen, Belgium

Thessia von der Daelenberghütte (Kody/Ollily) owner/handler Marleen Patrick, Belgium

Thunder von der Daelenberghütte (Ozzy/Rumba) owner/handler Ludo Vanden Bosch, Belgium

Thess von der Daelenberghütte (Ozzy/Rumba) and together with
Ialla von der Daelenberghutte , 11 years+ difference in age, Owner/handler Stassen Frederick, Belgium

Tessa von der Daelenberghütte 
(jegger/malika) Slowlymaking progress while maturing in a nice working female Owner Bart Miggelbrink, Netherlands

Quinn von der Daelenberghütte (Dinoso Hera) in training for his "must do " show, handler Agnes Crawford, Schotland. If you ask me his skills on the working field do him more justice :-)

Qrita von der Daelenberghütte 
(Xoltan/Tipsi) after winning een Obedience trial, handler Beatrice Runo

Holli v. Goghland
(Fado/Ebby) getting her showrating "SG"  in workingclass, thanks to trainer Sarina Vaneynde & handler Luco Destercque & de supporters of OTV Heusden

Well deserved reward for all the hard work for owner/handler Pernilla Langevik, Sweden, getting IGP 1 with Qrita von der Daelenberghütte (Xoltan/Tipsi) 

Rico von der Daelenberghütte (Dinoso/Malika) passing the BH, owner/handler Dick Brown, USA

Tirza von der Daelenberghütte (Jegger/Malika) best buddy with baby Witse, owners family Van Geldorp-Blomme Belgium

Tessa von der Daelenberghütte (Jegger/Malika) first steps in a hopefull long sport career with owner/handler Bart Miggelbrink, Netherlands

Shaka von der Daelenberghütte (Denver/Ollily) searching the hotair balloons on a summerevening, Owner Bob Desmet, Belgium.
T-Boa von der Daelenberghütte (Q-thor/Hera), callname Yala  on her daily walk, owners Bram & Malu Couwberghs-Koelman, Belgium

Holli v. Goghland (Fado/Ebby) having fun on training and trial with Sarina Vaneynde

Silver von der Daelenberghütte (Lord/Bille), training and fun with, owner Nancy Henning, Belgium

Tessa von der Daelenberghütte (Jegger/Malika) growing up with handler/owner Bart Miggelbrink, Netherlands

T-Rox von der Daelenberghütte
(Q-thor/Hera)  best friend of the grandkids but first job in the morning bringing the newspaper, owners Luc &Marina Cassimon, Belgium

Thor von der Daelenberghütte (Q-thor/Hera) proud and happy boy in the Deleener family, Belgium

Thira von der Daelenberghütte (Q-thor/Hera) discovering the new environment, owner Jan Peyffers, Belgium

Qrita von der Daelenberghütte (Xoltan/Tipsi) having fun on training , owner/handler Pernilla Langevik, Sweden

Tess von der Daelenberghütte (Q-thor/Hera) feeling happy and confortable in her new home, Swaanen family, Belgium

No workout in Corona time on the field for Risico von der Daelenberghütte (Denver/Olilly) , ...a beach visit instead to get rid of the energy, handler/owner Jenzy De Cock, Belgium

Saga von der Daelenberghütte
(Korky/Noa) , 7 months old but showing her potential already. Handler/owner Michael Naisbitt, UK

Spike von der Daelenberghütte (Dack/Litonya) 7 months old, ready for what he likes most, tracking ! Owner/handler  Lien van Damme, Belgium 
Silver von der Daelenberghütte (Lord/Bille),growing out to a nice big boy , owner Nancy Henning, Belgium

Rumba von der Daelenberghütte (Denver/Olilly) getting her SG in show, professionally handled by Chloë Ngeow.

Litonya vom Suhrrehm
(Lennox/Jakie) getting her IPO II with very nice scores @ one of the first trials of the year

Henni Mapet (Gero/Fiona)   training for the AD and than a welldeserved rest in the hollow tree. Handler Luc Rediers,
Senna von der Daelenbeghütte
(Pee/Kailey) , passing the social test owner Peter Vandebroek, Belgium