Other von der Daelenbeghütte (Henk/Loes) , busy with growing up, owners Victor & Pascale Lenaers

Othan von der Daelenbeghütte
(Ike/Kaya) ,  introduced to the trackingwork, owner Freek Degroot, Netherlands

Oti von der Daelenbeghütte (Bruno/Kailey) , celebrating Christmas 2015 at the UK beach, owners the family Winters- Mc Carthy

Oscar von der Daelenbeghütte (Ike/Kaya) , feeling well with his new family Partoens -Strauven , Belgium

Congrats for Maria Teresa Figueiredo, portugal and A'Chris aus den Hunnen Kriegen for passing the social test

 Paul Dethyse, Canada and Ichiban von der Daelenberghütte (Arco/Dido) trialing In USA.
  Paul, grey from experience but always young from heart and mind and always a gentleman also on the field & Ichiban complements that. Perfect couple !!

After being 3th  at the interland  Juna v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hestia) & handler Chloë Ngeow climbed 2 spots up to the highest step at the St. Nicolas throphy.  On top of it OTV won for the 3th time the Devilhill thropy and this throphy will stay permanent with us.
                                       Podium of St. Nicolasthrophy                                                                                                 Chloe & Juna and Tristan& Elda winners of Devillthrophy 2016 for O.T.V. Heusden
Old and young filling  the throphy closet

Even wearing number "13" couldn't stop  Juna v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hestia) & handler Chloë Ngeow from a super result at the interland Belgium-Netherlands.  Both tiny girls stood there ground between the big guys and claimed a podium spot. Finally all the hard work paid off, Congrats !!

Our clubmembers keeping all the trophies home at our November trial.
Filip Smeets & Malika von der Daelenberghütte ( Gucci/Ozzie) high protection,  José Fernandez &Noa von der Daelenberghütte (Gucci/Hetty) high Obedience and high in trial, Chloë Ngeow and Shivakenn Asco (AXEL) high tracking

Ora von der Daelenberghütte
(Bruno/Kailey)  owners Mark Philip, UK

Niko von der Daelenberghütte (King/Kailey) showing his working skills , owner Jim Robertson, Scotland

Neo-Rex von der Daelenberghütte (King/Kailey) having fun at training. proud owners Jean & Lieve Clerckx, Belgium

The Henk/Loes litter went succesfully to  their new homes.
Olf                                                   Olek                                                                                     Otti                                                                    Other

Orbi von der Daelenberghütte (Artus & Kaya) with proud owners Jacques Vanrenterghem en Nelly Hombeck
Lexx van het Basjes Huis
(Gucci X Hetty) Living his live like a king and protecting the VanLooy girls & residence.

Optikas Ming
(Gunner/Loes) @ training and having fun  with owner Stephane Laberge, Canada

Congrats for  Metis v.d. Daelenberghütte  (Gucci//Cira) owner/handler Vasilis Paparizos, Greece for getting IPO I with an excellent score. 97 - 96 - 93 = 286,  2nd place

Congrats to our South African friend Mike Seddon and his dog Felix v. Karthago for becoming vice-champion in South Africa and making the team for the WUSV in Finland.
We're glad we could help out with finding this excellent working dog. Mike did a superjob training and trialing him. Looking forward to see him at work in Finland.

Some of the Daelenberghütte "O" litter  Kaya vom Banholz X Arthus vom Grauen Ma-Holt
Ocan von der Daelenberghütte owner Jeroen Vrinsen                                                        Orbi von der Daelenberghütte owner Jacques Van Renterghem
Onah von der Daelenberghütte owner Bert Vandorpe

Our clubcouple both on the podium at our regionals.
Eric Brakels with Dack vom Kapbusch (Zasko/Ferra) placing 2nd with high protection & Chloê Ngeow with Juna van het Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hestia) Placing 3th with high tracking

The 2 loverboys of Christine De Love @ the Dutch beach.  Favourite, the goodlooking, papered Lexx van het Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hetty) & runner up the ??? ......... Johan

Optikas Macey
(Gunner/Loes) @ training with owner Joan Naisbitt

Optikas Matti
(Gunner/Loes) around 6 months of age . Proud owner Jacky Vrijsen, Belgium

Optikas Mellieha (Gunner/ Loes) around 6 months of age with handler/owner Piotr Wesolowski, Poland