Congrats for Lathina v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hetty) getting IPO I, handler Leo Hernandez, owner Jaime Mermelstein, Costa Rica

Optikas Mona
(Gunner/Loes) around 4 months of age . Proud owners Jean & Lisette Gendarme, Belgium

OTV Autumn trial podium :
1 Brigadens Elda (Gucci/Esthera)
3 Loes v.h. Basjes Huis(Gucci/Ozzie)                                              2  Krak v.d. Daelenberghütte (Clint/Ginte)

Loes at work for IPO I

Maria Teresa Figueiredo, Portugal  on ringsport seminar with A' Chris

Optikas Mellieha (Gunner/ Loes) enjoying being a puppy with handler/owner Piotr Wesolowski, Poland

Juna v.h. Basjes Huis
(Gucci/Hestia)  taking over the O.TV. clubchampion title  from her senior playmate Asko Shivaken,(Eros/Baileys) both owned trained and handled by Chloe Ngeow.

Igor Poga, Canada and his Kenzo v. Haus Barkley (Gucci/Dusy)  ... A team to watch for the future !!

Jeska v 't pasante Huis
en Nice von der Daelenberghütte 2 excellent Gucci daughters out of different litters, showing their special skills at training in Sweden.
The Gucci/Hetty pups went succesfully to their new homes

Owner handler  Vasilis paprizos, Greece training his young Gucci daughter, Metis v.d. Daelenberghütte(Gucci/ Cira)

Owner handler Agnes Crawford, Scotland, having fun at training with her superpromising Gucci son , Larry v. Holzhutte(gucci/ Gina)

Irko v.d. Daelenberghütte
(Arco/Dido) .owner handler Juan Carlos Garcia... , winning the FH championship in Spain

Kafka von der Daelenberghütte (Gucci/ferra)  winner of Obedience trial with handler/owner Vivien Chin, Singapore

Maicoh von der Daelenberghütte
(Gucci/Ozzie)  together with his playmates.Owners Daniel en Hilde Grosjean,  Belgium

Mike von der Daelenberghütte
 (Glenn/Giessa) ...Turning 1 year old, proud owners Rene & Jeannine Vercauteren , Belgium
Gucci v. Esblokhof  (Fado/Ckippy)  & Krak v.d. Daelenberghütte (Clint/Ginte)   puppies left succesfully to their new homes

Leo Hernandez and his costa rica gang, club  Canino Del Este, with Jaime and Lathina v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hetty) and Norbel and Dona v.d. Yezo

Joker v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci.Hestia)  & handler Diego Lorenzo Diaz made the selection for the Spanish nationals2014

Dack v. Kapbusch (Zasko/ferra)  and handler /owner Eric Brakels Regional Champion 2014

Izzat v.d. Daelenberghütte (Arco/Dido) .owner handler Henning Wold , worldclass on the field but also as familymember and playmate for the kids.

Maicoh van het Basjes Huis (Gucci/Ozzie) enjoying the holiday and snow in Switzerland, owners Daniel en Hilde Grosjean, Belgium

The start is made, Up now to the real titles with Loes v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Ozzie)

Gandhi v. h. Basjes Huis (Conner/Babsi) in action with handler Doris Vetsch at the nationals in Switzerland