Izzat v.d. Daelenberghütte (Arco/Dido) ..and handler Henning Wold winning the 2013 Norwegian masters & IPO selectiontrial

Felix v. Karthago ....And handler Mike Seddon winning best IPO I at the South African Nationals

Juna v.h. Basjes Huis (gucci/Hestia) .... and handler Chloe Gneow winning "the groser preis von Ost-Belgien"
Lex v.h. Basjes Huis
(Gucci/Hetty) ... working with owner Kristian Sanne, Norway

Lotte v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hetty) ... turning 1 year old, owner Marleen Veys, Belgium

Boss Gucci /Ginte puppy .... enjoying himself in Panama with owner Victor de Cruz

Juna v.h. Basjes Huis (gucci/Hestia) .... enjoying the Belgium snow, handler Chloe Gneow

Kafka  v d Daelenberghütte (Gucci/Ferra) ..  protecting handler Vivien Chin, Singapore

Krak v d Daelenberghütte (Clint/Ginte) .. in action at training with handler Inge Claes, Belgium

Leon v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hetty) ... working out & showing focus with handler Marie Davis, USA

Izzat v.d. Daelenberghütte (Arco/Dido) .. staying fit &getting ready for the sportseason 2013, with owner Henning Wold in the beautifull Norwegian mountains

Joker v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hestia) .. with owner Diego Lorenzo Diaz, Spain