Clubmembers @work at the Maasmechelen, Sinterklaas, trial......Eric & Dack, Tristan & Kaya, Chloe & Juna, Roger & Hinaud
High tracking, High obedience, High protection, high overall, high new title, high couple

Labyrinth v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hetty) ..nice focus in obedience with owner Veera Kekäläinen, Finland

Brigadens Evil (Gucci/Esthera) ......another excellent promising Gucci son, owner/handler Erik Ehrenflod , Sweden
Video of Evil at work

Lotte v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hetty) ... showing her property, owners Guido & Marleen Wijckhuyse

Ginte of Kraks Beauty(Eros/Yoke) & Ferra v.h. Basjes Huis (Zender Cantha).... enjoying  live in North Carolina, USA with Britney Pelletier

Link v Esblokhof (Furby/Blue) .....enjoying the sprinkler to cool down from the South African sun, owner Mike Seddon

Klash v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gucci/Ferra) .... owner/handler Brittany Koole, Canada

LucasBuck v.h. Basjes Huis
(Gucci/Hetty) .... owner/handler Kellie en Desmond Mitchell, USA
The making of a worldclass dog !!!!! Izzat v.d. Daelenberghütte (Arco/Dido) .., and the hard & didicated work of  owner/handler Henning Wold.
Congrats with the excellent performance at the WUSV 2012 in Steyr , Austria

Lupo v.d. Daelenberghütte
(Gucci/Ginte) ......becoming clubchampion obedience with a perfect score of 100/100 , owner/handler Tommy Broodcooren, Belgium

Izzat v.d. Daelenberghütte (Arco/Dido) .., and owner/handler Henning Wold, Norway, becoming NORWEGIAN CHAMPION 2012 & selected for WUSV 2012 in Austria. Congrats!

Levi v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gucci/Ginte) ..,  owner Wendy Coppens, Belgium

Laico v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gucci/Ginte) ..,  owner/handler Jean-Claude Dubuc, Canada @ the age of 7 months

Larry v. Holzhütte (Gucci/Gina) .., and owner/handler Agnes Crawford , showing countryside Scotland
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!!!! Gucci v. Esblokhof and daughter Juna v.h. Basjes Huis

Ivo v.d. Daelenberghütte
(Arco/Dido) .., owner/handler Juergen Fisher , Placing 5th at the Canadian Nationals and High protection with distance !!!
Congrats .....excellent job!!

Kenzo v. Haus Barkley (Gucci/Dusty) ..around 15 months old, owner Maurice  Van Bockrijk , Belgium @work in his favourite thing ..PROTECTIONWORK !!!

Clubchampion 2012 Chloe Ngeow with Shivakenn Asco
Best non titled dog Birte Vaes with Geke v. Corsalabroek

Kazi van het Basjes Huis (Goran/Gaby) ...owners family Bruyninckx, Belgium

Justice van het Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hestia) ...and handler David Rackcliff certified as police K9 team in Maine and will work for the Franklin County Sheriff's Department

Larry v. Holzhütte (Gucci/Gina) .........showing of, to make sure that we regret that we 've let him go....;lucky Agnes

Lakyra v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hetty) ...first trip to the dogclub with new owner Donna Trouten,Michigan USA

& introduction to puppy agility

Lotte v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hetty) ... just arrived in her new home, owners Guido & Marleen Wijckhuyse

Labyrinth v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hetty) ..with her new owner Veera Kekäläinen, Finland

Lucas Buck v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hetty) ..just arrived in his new home, owner Desmond Mitchell, Michigan, USA

Lupo v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gucci/Ginte) ......owner Tommy Broodcooren, Belgium

Kim v haus Barkley (Gucci/Dusty) getting her showrating, owner Gilbert Vanderperren , Belgium

Larry v. Holzhütte (Gucci/Gina) @ 8 weeks of age, enjoying himself while waiting for a UK pasport, future owner Agnes Crawford

Kay v.h. Basjes Huis (Como/Hetty) .....owned by Jeroen Vrinssen, Belgium

Clubmember Geert VandeCruys trialing for Bh with  Ixe v.h. Pecawoud (Zasko/Cato )

Levi v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gucci/Ginte) .....owned by Wendy Coppens, Belgium

Loe v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gucci/Ginte) .....owned by Chris De Laender, Belgium

Lasheba v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gucci/Ginte) .....owned by family Huibers, Belgium

Krak v.d. Daelenberghütte (Clint/Ginte) .....Doing BH with handler Inge Claes, Belgium
Juna v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hestia) .....handled by Chloë Ngeow, Belgium/Malaysia combo
Indy v.h. Basjes Huis (Zasko/Hetty) .....owned by Britney Pelletier, USA
Kizzy v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gucci/Ferra) .....owned by Benjy Peeters, Belgium

Dack v. Kapbusch (Zasko/Ferra) .....@ work in the first selectiontrial with owner Eric Brakels

Kastle v.h. Basjes Huis (Como/Hetty) action, owner Falon Gray, USA

Optikas jagger  (Zasko/Zohra) & Ginte of kraks Beauty (Eros/Joke) in action for their KKL at dogclub DMB Zonhoven, critical watched by Chloë

Jazz v.h. Basjes Huis (Zasko/Hetty) .....with owner/handler Gregory VandenBosch trialing for BH

Griesell v.d. Daelenberghütte (Zasko/Ronja) & Jarco v. Holzhütte ( Illo/Gina).....owned by Michael &Martina keller, Germany

Kafka v.d. Daelenberghütte
(Gucci/Ferra) .....owned by Vivien Chin, USA

Klash v.d. Daelenberghütte
(Gucci/Ferra) .....owned by Brittany Koole, Canada

Kizzy v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gucci/Ferra) .....owned by Benjy Peeters, Belgium