Indy v.h. Basjes Huis (Zasko/Hetty) .....owned by Britney Pelletier, USA

Komosoy v. Haus Barkley (Gucci/Babsi) ..... about 7 months old in the pictures, owned by Leen Denbroeder , Belgium

Kapitan v. Zieta's Hof (Gucci/Flo) .....owned by Fred Lottes , Canada

Kara v. Haus Barkley (Gucci/Babsi) .....owned by Gerald Metzger, Quebec , Canada

Kaos v.h. Basjes Huis (Como/hetty) .....owned by Grant Kimber, Ontario , Canada

Krak v.d. Daelenberghütte (Clint/Ginte) with handler Inge Claes, Belgium

Congrats for team Belgium for their great performance at the WUSVin Ukraine and specially for Julien Clement with Dusty for placing 3th,  2 times in a row.
Thanks to all VVDH members for he support to our team!!!!

Esthera v.d. Daelenberghütte
(Gringo/Dusty)with her just born puppies, father Gucci v. Esblokhof...& @ 3 weeks of age

Kaziva v.h. Basjes Huis
(Como/Hetty)..........owners peter & Amparo Dyserinck, Ruddervoorde , Belgium

Juna v.h. Basjes Huis
(Gucci/Hestia), showed @ just 12 months old, thanks to Eddy Vanhove for handling her in the show.

Clubmembers, Eric Brakels with Dack v. Kapbusch (Zasko/Ferra) trialing for SCH I & Chloe Ngeow with
Shivakenn Asco (Eros/Baileys) trialing for SCH II
Team Belgium
for WUSV 2011, Kiev  & Interland, De Wiers Netherlands

 Kasch v.d. Daelenberghütte (Clint/ Ginte) nearly 8 months.....owner Joanne Fleming Canada

Jantar v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gucci/Hera)...........  owner, Maciej Zwierzychowski, Poland

Jurgen Fischer, Canada with Ivo v.d. Daelenberghütte (Arco/Dido) best SCH I at the Canadian Nationals 2011

Summer trip and training in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia for Rakan K9 & visit to auxiliary police K9 Unit

Kassel v. Haus Barkley
(Gucci/Dusty) just over 4 months old....owner Roar Kjonsted, Norway

Jagua v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hestia) .........owner Elena Shipova, Russia

Kim v. Haus Barkley (Gucci/Dusty) just over 4 months old....owner Gilbert Vandeperren, Belgium

Kanou v.h. Basjes Huis (Goran/Gaby)...owner Tom v. Maerrem, Belgium

Kastle v.h. Basjes Huis (Como/Hetty)...owner Falon Gray, USA

Kacey v.h. Basjes Huis (Goran/Gaby)...with handler Steve Sprouse, USA practising for the real job @ 5months old.

Komosoy v. Haus Barkley (Gucci/Babsi)........owner Sabrina v. Beemen

Brother & Sister  Ivo & Ichiban v.d. Daelenberghütte (Arco/Dido) together on trainingweekend...owners Paul Dethyse & Jurgen Fischer, Canada

Gandhi v.h. Basjes Huis
(Conner/Babsi)...with handler Gunter Kehrer, Switserland ,in action for getting SCH III

Granit v. haus Barkley (Zasko/Arzis)...owner Michat Borowski, Poland

Joanne Fleming & Djack v.h. Berghuis (Jago/Zjenny)....High protection @Ontario regionals 2011, Canada

"Otto"  ...owner Patty Overlund, USA   
   Jurgen Fischer, Canada with Ivo v.d. Daelenberghütte (Arco/Dido), on the podium, High SCH I, @Ontario regionals ..& together with trainingbuddy, helper and friend Anthony Hartelaub
Qxena v.d. Ybajo Hoeve arrived in her new home and family, Mykonos, Greece

Dawn El-khoury, USA having fun on training with her young promising male Eric ..................

Krak v.d. Daelenberghütte (Clint/Ginte)........owner Inge Claes, Belgium

"Crazy Cajun Billiot"on the Hollywood set as FBI Swat teammember with his companion Harley v.d. Daelenberghütte (Zender/Dido)

Training in Canada with Djack v.h. Berghuis (Jago/Zjenny) owner Joanne Fleming & helper Anthony Hartelaub

Jaeger v. haus Barkley (Djack/Dusty), owner Anthony Hartelaub, .................................and young Kasch v.d. Daelenberghütte (Clint/Ginte), watching it all

 Figo von der Daelenberghütte (Gringo/Dusty) doing an excellent routine in OB program 2 ....... , with owner Koen Vanderheyden, Belgium

Kacey v.d. Daelenberghütte (Goran/Gaby) checking out her new home and friend,......owner Steve Sprouse, Florida, USA

 Our clubhelper Tristan Fransen @work at his first official trial.

OTV HEUSDEN  goes SHOW !!! Ugly bastards @ the catwalk :-)
Ken v.d. Daelenberghütte (Clint/Ginte) , owner Jenni Edith, Switzerland

Joke v.h. Basjes Huis (Zasko/Hetty) trialing for social test, owner Monique Henderickx, Belgium

Kasch v.d. Daelenberghütte (Clint/Ginte) @ 8 weeks old, just arrived after a long journey overseas....... , owner Joanne Fleming, Canada

 Kim v.d. Daelenberghütte (Clint/Ginte) @ 8 weeks old , owner Van der Perren Gilbert, Belgium

Chloë Ngeow, Malaysia with Shivakenn Asco ( Eros/Baileys) trialing for BH

Günther Kehrer, Switzerland with
Ghandi v.h. Basjes Huis (Conner/Babsi) trialing for SCH II

AD test march 5th, Zonhoven,......Eric Brakels & Dack v. Kapbusch (Zasko/Ferra)

Justice & Jetta v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hestia) 4,5 months old........... , owner David Rackliffe, USA

 Juna v.h. Basjes Huis (Gucci/Hestia) ...........  owner, Berry Declerck, Netherlands

Jantar v.d. Daelenberghütte
(Gucci/Hera)...........  owner, Maciej Zwierzychowski, Poland

Jaylee v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gucci/Hera)...........  owner, Charles Olden and family