Pictures 2006 and earlier

Holly v. haus Kastma, SchIII - KKl II, enjoying her luxury boattrip and  the Scotland beach with new owner Lin Stockley, Scotland
Ezo Black Creek Valley
(Snoopy/Buffy)14 months .......owner Marc Pitre, Canada   

Ferra v.h. basjes Huis
(Zender/Cantha) .......owner Hubert Esser, Germany 

Florida v.d. Daelenberghütte
(Gringo/Dusty) .......owner Doris Vetsch, Switzerland   
 Falcko v.d. Daelenberghütte
(Hajak/Buffy) linebreeding 3- 3 Lewis malatesta ......owner Michel Roofthooft

Erko Black Creek Valley
(Snoopy/Buffy)....owner Fred Ceulemans                Doc v.d. Daelenberghütte (Devil/Bezzy)owner Guido Quinten
Fox v.d. Daelenberghütte
(Gringo/Dusty)......owner Jozef Schmidt, Austria

Darras v.d. Daelenberghütte
(zidane/anka) ....owner & handler Annie Weiler ,USA, helper Willie Pope

Darco v.d. Daelenberghütte
( zidane/anka) ......owner & handler Gilbert Coudron, Belgium...

Training with the "Naisbitts " , good friends from the UK
Optikas Fox ( Dark/Jenny) ...owner and handler Michael Naisbitt
Venus v. Castra Regina , ..handler Marcel Geukens                              Kadja v. Adler Stein,...handler Bastiaansen Kees      
Emmy v.d. Daelenberghütte (gringo/dusty) & Fado v.d. bormanshoeve(zygo/yarda) ..handler Eric Brakels
Zohra v.d. Daelenberghütte ( Ugo/vicky) ..owner & handler Michael Naisbitt

Jacki v. steinigen morgen ( Zidane/Askia).....helper Eric Brakels

Emmy v.d. Daelenberghüte ( gringo/dusty),...owner Diana Pohn, handler Eric Brakels

GSD show " Pentecost trophy" june 3th Kaulille, Eiko v.d. Daelenberghütte, Cher v.d. Daelenberghütte and Cantha 't Linnershof

Cher v.d. Daelenberghütte, (Zjeff / Janka),helper Eric....for little video's of cher go to cher's page or click here.

Cazan v.h  Basjes Huis, enjoying himself in the beautifull nature of Sweden ...with Mona Wiehen,

Frederik  and  Fado v.d. Bormanshoeve.........owners Julie Berry and Thomas Bartlow

Etho v.h. Basjes Huis, (Falk/Aurah).............owner Michel Heyvaert

Enzo and Erko Black Creek Valley(Snoopy/Buffy) ....owners Jan Corthouts and Fred Ceulemans

E-litter v.h. Basjes Huis, (Zender/Cassy) order Exi, Eike and Esko

Cher v.d. Daelenberghütte(Zjeff/Janka) ....handler Kees, helper Eric

Elite-Frisco v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gringo/Dusty), ......owner,Eirin Pedersen &Roar Kjonstad ,Norway

Dang v. h. Basjes Huis  (Zidane /Mollie)..........@ 19 months,  owner Hulsmans Rene and helper Eric.

AD on saturday 4th march for Cher v. d. Daelenberghütte(Zjeff/Janka), Dalexa black creek valley (Aldo/Dusty) 
and Jacki v. Steinigen Morgen (Zidane/Askia) 

Jacky v. Steinigen Morgen....helper Eric

Cazan van het Basjes Huis (xamm/bezzy)....helper Eric
 flight 1
  flight 2    

Holly vom haus with Marcel as handler and Eric as helper
Video Flight here

Evan v.h. Basjes Huis (Falk/Aurah)...@1 year old, owner Steve and Karen Taylor

Echo Black Creek Valley ( Snoopy/Buffy) ...owner Thomas Barlow, UK

Erno v.d. Daelenberghütte (Eico/Bezzy), .......owner Vanstraelen Ronny, Belgium

Esko v.d. Daelenberghütte (Eico/Bezzy), .......owner Manny Calizon and Teodorico Santos, vom krushaus kennels, USA

New pics of Emmy v.d. Daelenberghütte (gringo/dusty).......... owner Diana Pohn, California

Darras v.d. Daelenberghütte (Zidane/ Anka), pics of protection training .....owner Annie Weiler,Montana USA

Ellie v.h. Basjes Huis (Zender/Cassy)@ 4 months old, trainer while waiting for pasport Eric Brakels....owner Sarah Clifford, Uk   
VIDEO 1                        VIDEO 2

( to watch these videos : right click ==> save target as... ) can be watched with quicktime

Assam v.d. Daelenberghütte (Ugo/Vicky)at the N.E. regionals....owner & handler Laura Murphy, USA

Ewok van Larenhei (Eros/Alfa), .......owner Nicolas Nistico, Argentina

Eva van Larenhei (Eros/Alfa), .......owner David Billiot, Louisiana, USA

Elite-Frisco v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gringo/Dusty), ......owner,Eirin Pedersen &Roar Kjonstad ,Norway

Elton v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gringo/Dusty), ......owner Paul Taylor, Massachussets, USA

Ezoe Black Creek Valley ( Snoopy/Buffy) ...owner Rick Kross, Madison,CT, USA

Ezo Black Creek Valley ( Snoopy/Buffy) ...owner Marc Pitre, Canada

Exi van het Basjes Huis (Zender/Cassy),.....3 months old, owner Manny Calizon and Teodorico Santos, vom krushaus

Dharma van jekervallei,(Aldo/Xiena) owner patricia powers, Chicago, USA            

Earp black creek valley (Snoopy/Buffy)...owner  Gary Foley, Massachussets USA                        

   Eiko v.d. Daelenberghütte ( Gringo/Dusty) ...owner Troonen Geert, Belgium

Eico v.d. Daelenberghütte (Eico/Bezzy), ........owner Dennis Akins, Louisiana USA

Darras v.d. Daelenberghütte (Zidane/ Anka), training @ 14 months.....owner Annie Weiler,Montana USA

O.T.V. Heusden Trial november 13th 2005

Tracklayer Marcel               .....and Roger with Cazan 't Linnershof                                                                    
Patrick with Clipp v.d. Daelenberghutte

Mario with Cien v. Oostweg

Rinus with Ulfi v. Castra Regina

Patrick with Buffy v.d. Herbstzeitlösen

Lisbeth Karlsen in Norway and Dirty von der Daelenberghütte (Zidane/Anka) ,.....getting her BH

Ronny and Eros v.d. mohnwiese 2nd time in a row individual worldchampion and belgium team 2nd time in a row winner of the 
WUSV teamcompetition.

Evita v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gringo/Dusty), ...@ 4 months old...owner Stephanie Vanderhaegen, Belgium

Esthera v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gringo/Dusty), protection at 5 and a half months old, ...owner Mona Wiehen, Sweden

Dasko v.d. Daelenberghütte (Zidane/Anka) and Yip v.d. Hildewaerde taking a dive in Lake Erie, near the Niagara Falls

Eros-P  v.h. Basjes Huis ( Falk/Aurah) enjoying himself at his first holiday

Louis Betelges,Dobermann pup,  waiting here for his UK petpasport and for socialisation, imprinting and basic training......owner Dal Dusanjh,UK

Elton v.d. Daelenberghütte (Gringo/Dusty), ......owner Paul Taylor, Massachussets

New pics of Emmy v.d. Daelenberghütte (gringo/dusty).......... owner Diana Pohn, California

Thor , enjoying his protection training,... owner Iris anderson, Helper Eric

Cazan v.h. Basjes Huis, (Xamm/Bezzy), work in his favourite phase of schutzhund, Helper Eric

Eros-P  v.h. Basjes Huis ( Falk/Aurah) dob: feb 1st  2005 , owner W. v. Dijen, Netherlands

Esthera v.d. Daelenberghütte (gringo/dusty) 4months old

Lisbeth Karlsen in Norway and Dirty von der Daelenberghütte (Zidane/Anka) ,.....8 months old

Training weekend 2/3 july at our club with our friends from the UK (thanks to steve taylor for taking and let me using the photographs, )

Handler Tom Nye with his new acquisition , Asko v.h. Berghuis....helper Eric

Taser ..., the young rottweiler that Marcel raised and trained from  pup on,  for Frank and Trish Craxford, 
9 months old and ready to travel back with them to UK now

Handler Pauline Nye and her Mister Xatoh v. haus Sevens

Clubmember peter with his young pup, and Roger handling and helping our Agnes out with her dog Cherise v.d. Daelenberghütte (zjeff/janka)

Agnes Crawford with Apollo v.d. Daelenberghütte (Ugo/Bezzy) ..;the Sungod that hits harder and faster than a thunderstormlightening

Jacky v. Steinigen Morgen (Zidane/Askia),...showing her excellent, full and hard grip and fascinating guarding...helper Eric

Optikas Dusty (xamm/zohra) , handled by Kees , ...helper Eric and assistant Marcel

Stuart Nye with Xamm v.d. Daelenberghutte, (Belschik/Rani) ..... tracklayer Marcel

Dhiva v.h. Basjes Huis (Zidane/Abelle),...showing her potential at the age of almost 1 year old

Fina v.d. Mohnwiese in ob ..................... and who's bringing these guy's a well deserved cold beer after all the the hard work.

 Training, may 13-15th, GNOSC , in the heat of New Orleans , USA



Elvis and Esta van Het Basjes Huis (Falk/Aurah) owners , David Billiot annd Bob Deaton,  New Orleans, USA


Thor  protectiontraining, june 8th ..owner Iris Andersson, helper Eric

Dasko v.d. Daelenberghütte, (Zidane/Anka)owner Eric Davis                 Elite Frisco v.d. Daelenberghütte, (Gringo/Dusty) owner Anette Reke 
Joining a sprinkler shower                                                                            on a walk in the beautifull nature of Norway


Nala v. Adler Stein II  protectiontraining , june 10th, handler Kees and helper Eric

Evan v.h. Basjes Huis (Falk/Aurah) protectiontraining june 8th and a swim to cool off